What We Do


We service a large area and offer many
services to make life easier on our customers.

LAND CLEARING If you own some acreage with unwanted brush or trees. We can clear them with a high flow mulching system. This is the most efficient method to open up a landscape. Perfect for new construction projects or retaking your property!
HOME INSPECTION Whether your are buying a home or would just like your home inspected for issues we offer professional home inspections complete with detailed reports of our findings.
REMODELING Most people have things in their homes that they want to change or update. We can handle any interior project such as bathrooms, kitchens, flooring, and paint.
SMALL CONSTRUCTION We take on small construction projects such as decks, docks, small additions, etc.
HOUSE WASHING Getting your house washed is a excellent way to increase curb appeal but it is also a important part of routine maintenance. Houses collect mold spores and dirt that over time can cause damage and staining. We will professionally clean houses, garages, decks, concrete, and retaining walls.
LANDSCAPE We offer many landscape services such as retaining walls, planter blocks, grading, land clearing, and rain water drainage solutions.
INTERIOR PAINTING Renew your home with a fresh coat of paint on your interiors. Maintenance Bros offer professional results for drywall, wood, or any interior you have. We color match to ensure you get the look you want if you choose to keep the same color. No matter what surface you have indoors, we will make it look new.
EXTERIOR PAINTING Call Maintenance Bros for expert exterior painting services. Improve the look of your home in less time and for less money than almost any other remodeling project and protect your investment from the sun, wind, and rain damage with our exterior painting services.
FLOORING SERVICES Find the floor that fits your style. With the many colors and finishes we offer at Maintenance Bros., you can create a unique and stylish look that truly makes a statement. Give your home a distinct look that is sure to leave a lasting impression on any visitor.